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Rocky Mountain Products for Land Rovers


Parabolic springs for Series Land Rovers.


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Pro Comp 9000 Explorer Shocks Set

109 inch 77551/3 & 88 inch 77551/2

Made by Explorer Competition Products/PRO COMP, these gas shocks are made exclusivly for Rocky Mountain Products. They give the extra travel and dampening needed when changing over to our parabolic springs. We have them made with protective upper metal sleeves (like the original Land Rover) instead of rubber boots.

Set includes mounting bushings, washers, split pins and includes new longer rear check straps. Price: $240.00USD.

Pro Comp Shocks have a life-time warranty against component failure.

Please click here for additional details Shock Absorbers




Rocky Mountain Land Rover Doortops RMG010

Our doortops are supplied with dual sliding and latching window panes running in rubber tracks. New stainless steel mounting studs with locknuts are also included. The frames are made from custom molded aluminum extrusions and are extremely rigid. When mounted to older door bottoms the combined door/dootop unit gives superior door closure. The metal finish is anodized so that they can be left as supplied or prepped and painted as desired.

Pricing per pair: $374.00USD

Shipping by post to mainland US/CAN destinations approx. $75.00USD

We also reccomend replacing the doortops seals. $6.80 x 2

Note; We also have OEM style door bottoms to fit Series and early Defender trucks.




Replacement Tailgates RMG 009

Our Tailgates are riveted aluminum construction with a heavy galvanized steel top rail and

inner plated wear strips.

168.00USD NOTE* Currently Out of stock

We also stock hinges, latch eyes, and anti luce latches.




Torrel Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Series Land Rovers. TI88109

This kit is in our opinion the the best Land Rover disc brake conversion of its kind on the market today. The kit requires no modifications to the existing components and can be removed and replaced with original parts if desired for classic status. The wearing components are GM based and mass produced over many years of vehicle manufacture, the part numbers are included with the installation manual. This kit will eliminate most of the problems incurred with the original drum brake system including brake fade, pulling, lock-up and the need for on-going adjustment. As most of the braking force is done by the front wheels there is a increase in safety factor especially at higher speeds and during steep descents.

The conversion will work with any existing Series Land Rover braking system, however 16” Wheels are required for caliper clearance.

Later Series 111 trucks that have metric wheel bearings will require some additional parts.

The kit sells for $1089.00USD

Hub nut wrench's are included.

Note* RMP also stocks most related braking components including Hydraulics, Hoses and Hard Lines, Brake Shoes and 16" Rims.


Iron Goat Door Cards

These door cards are exceptionally well made and will last the life of your truck.

Suitable for all S111 and two-piece door Defenders.

Will fit S11/11A's with minor modification. $185.00 USD per pair, fasteners included.


Land Rover Series 111 Grill RMG001

The Rocky Mountain grille is an attractive and durable replacement for the unfortunate moulded plastic part installed on the Land Rover Series III. Rocky Mountain manufactured this galvanized steel grille that is designed to be fixed to the body of the vehicle by using self tappers (the grille itself is pre-drilled) so that it not only looks better but won't flap around or come off accidentally; will stand years of abuse and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. (As our customers in Australia soon discovered it also doubles as a BBQ grille, in an emergency!). Price: $46.00USD




Land Rover Window Track Replacement Kit RMG9517K


This kit contains 6 lengths of window track, custom formed from an exterior aluminum housing with rubber track mechanically secured in place. Each piece is 37 inches long, giving sufficient length to replace all the track on a pair of rear sliding safari windows. This same tracking can be used on most other Land Rover sliding window applications. The lengths do have to be cut to fit and the kit is supplied with new stainless screws, drill bits and complete instructions. Price: $114.00USD



Rocky Mountain Lamp Guards RMG005

Rocky Mountain Lamp Guards made of perforated steel and are far stronger than the conventional wire type. They are formed from a single sheet of galvanized metal and will not peel and rust as most others do with time. They are especially effective in the tough conditions experienced when driving through brush.

Sold in pairs 48.00USD




Hazard Light Dash Panel RMG002

This attractive rolled edge panel can be fitted to Series 1 (Not 80"), 2 or 2a Landrover to provide an important safety feature not included when these trucks were first manufactured.

The red knob activates flashing of the four turn indicators front and rear. It works on both positive and negative ground vehicles.

A cigarette lighter/accessory socket is also provided for low amperage usage.

We realize that Land Rovers themselves almost never break down, however this system can be activated when coming to the assistance of other less robust vehicles.

Price: Currenty Not Avialable.






Spin-On Oil Filter Adapter RMP018

This product has been designed to replace the canister type oil filter on 2.25 Land Rover engines, with a modern spin on type. Installation is very simple and can be accomplished in a few minuits with no modification to the original fixture. (shown but not included)

The new filter is the same as supplied to later Land Rover vehicles and, therefore, common replacement filters are available (e.g. Purolator L20081; Kralinator L16 or Fram PH43)

Price is expected to remain similar to the previous price of $78.00USD




RM Bottle Opener RMGPRO1

Our world famous Rocky Mountain Bottle Openers have be recreated, only this time in Stainless steel for even more rugged applications. Our bottle openers have traveled the planet attached to the backside of many Land Rovers of all denominations.

Make a statement about your right to crack open a brew after a day of off-roading or any other thirst inducing activity, like breathing.

Also suitable for restraining your favorite canine co-pilot or for towing that empty beer can out of the ditch.