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What our customers say

"A major improvement, totally transformed the ride."
- D.M. Washington, U.S.A. '88'

"It is very very good. If anybody had told me I would not have believed them. I will be taking it to Billings next year. The ride is as good as a 90."
- B.F. Newby, England '88'

"All in all I am ecstatic with the new springs and would recomend them for replacing all standard Land Rover springs regardless of Series."
- M.R. Ontario, Canada '80'

"The ride is fantastic and a brief articulation test put a smile on my face."
- D.S. Brisbore, Australia '109' Safari

"I've owned my '56' Series I for twenty years and I think those Parabolics you sold me were the best thing that ever happened to that truck."
- G.R. '56' Series I

"Parabolics? Well the last 4 days of off-roading and highway driving with the Border to Border expedition proved that the right Parabolics on a vehicle that is in good shape otherwise can be just as comfortable as any coil Land Rover, most noticeable at speed over potholes. One person commented after driving my truck along a dirt road with potholes that it was 'like driving a Cadillac' as he got back into his coil 110!! The one thing that will remain the same with Parabolics and regular leafs is how they 'move the axle' under compression and how that effects the vehicles control and handling and is expecially noticeable at speed. In my opinion it is not quite as comfortable as a coiler in that regard. But Hey, an awesome Series rig with Parabolics is way cheaper that a new 90 or 110!!."
- D.McD. Vancouver, Canada

"I wanted to let you know pleased I have been with the Parabolic springs fitted to my 109 pick up. The day after fitting them I gave them a good testing in the North West Challenge, an extreme 2 day off road event for Land Rovers. The Parabolics performed superbly and completely transformed the off road handling characteristics, the springs seem to flatten obstacles that would have previously had me gritting my teeth in anticipation of being given a severe jolting. The dramatically improved articulation delivers much better traction on the type of hills that I used to scrabble up or end up being cross-axled. The benefits of the new springs have also made the truck a much more comfortable daily driver, the potholes, dips and manholes no longer have that shattering feel to them.
You may be interested to know that I have been using standard shock absorbers with the Parabolics without any problems, but it is important to lengthen the drop straps. The three leaf springs are more that adequate for my pickup even when I take an occasional heavy load."
- N.P. Canada, Millitary '109'

- D.M. Nice, France

"I love my Parabolics. I have the two leaf fronts and two leaf rears."
- D.H. USA

"I installed the Rocky Mountain Parabolics on my 88 and am very satisfied with them. The ride is excellent"
- B.R. USA

"I have installed the Rocky Mountain springs on my project '88' and one of our club members has them on his. The ride is almost as smooth as coils and the truck seems to float over washboard."
- J.C. USA

"A much better ride. Averages 60 mph. Ride is now like a Range Rover and definitely better than any factory option. Should have been available in New Zealand thirty years ago."
- J.S. New Zealand

"Absolutely Fab off road!"
- J.F. England

- A.P. South Africa

"Excellent ride. Much improved especially on corners."
- K.H. England

"Can't say enough positive things about them."
- B.K. USA

" Very Good!"
- G.C. England

"Excellent articulation and smooth ride."
- B.P. USA

" A lot more comfortable, and the rover handles better."
- D.R. England

"Rides very good."
- D.J. Australia

" I have just fitted the new springs and am very impressed with them. The shocks were a wee bit overpriced."
- A.C. Scotland

"A lot better off road."
- D.J. Australia

" It now has a much better balance and tight steering movements are lighter and more positive. I am very happy with my purchase."
- C.W. Wales

"The kick has been eliminated from the bumps and dips in the road - quite a pleasant change. The ride is smooth and my truck is level. I am very happy with the results."
- J.C. USA

"Very, very much improved. The articulation is incredible. I am very pleased."
- W.M. USA

- M.S. USA

"The best improvement made to date. The difference is just unbelievable. I now know what articulation is."
- I.J. Indonesia

"Outstanding for a leaf sprung Land Rover."
- S.F. England

"Better road holding - smoother and more comfortable."
- B.R. Scotland

"Brilliant. Wish I'd done it years ago."
- B.W. England

"A vast improvement and very good off road."
- M.R. England

"The ride is 100% improved."
- B.D. England

"Excellent ride. Just like a Cadillac now."
- F.D. Canada

"Greatly improved for a 1 ton suspension."
- P.F. England

"It rides better than new."
- P.G. Canada

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